It take a lot of hands and hearts to operate H3 Hope Horses N Heroes.

In recent years we have been blessed by the help of many individuals

and by special outreach efforts of several wonderful groups.

One way to be involved is to apply to join the Advisory Committee. We envision the committee will meet twice a month at H3 in Monroe, WA.

Another way to be involved is to ask about scheduling a work party for your company and employee families, church, or community group. It's fun, personally satisfying, and of great assistance to H3 and the veterans we serve. Please know that while we won't sell or trade your email address, by completing the form below you are giving H3 the right to occasionally provide you with information on upcoming events.

Comcast provided 200 company employees and family members on Comcast Cares Day in 2017 to help us accomplish some much needed construction and clean up work on the H3 property. 

Heads of the YMCA Maintenance Department  from various locations  came together to jack up the sawdust bin that had started to slide off its foundation.  The sawdust bin also had the hayloft  loading platform above it.  This talented group engineered and constructed the new foundation, wall  and finished by covering it with new siding. 

We have horses just the right size for even the youngest volunteers. This little girl, part of a 4H group, is giving Beau a little love while dad supervises.

United Way of Snohomish County helped out in 2013 with these wonderful volunteers who spent the day doing something very useful.

We plan to have a number of temporary, transitional cabins on the property so that wounded warriors in need of short term lodging can have a pleasant, affordable, and place to stay that is conveniently located near our services. This group helped us complete one of these cabins, literally from the ground up.

Women from the "Wings Grant" provided by Triumph Aerospace did a great job cleaning the barn.  In the foreground is Sharon Black, head of Human Resources. Triumph Aerospace chose H3 in 2016 and 2017 to help honor our veterans. 

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