A variety of ongoing projects at H3 are always in need of individual, corporate, and community volunteers to facilitate the smooth operation of our services and to ensure safety and enjoyment on the property.  Broadly speaking, projects fall into three primary categories of construction, critter care, and property maintenance /landscaping.  If you'd like to help, or want to arrange a group project party, contact Arleen at 425-346-7322.


Near future projects include:

1. Digging a well for a garden and livestock

2. Portable outdoor shower with propane heater (yet to be purchased)

3. Rock for the road and parking

4. Planting in the raised beds for a garden

5. Moving portable hoop house for equipment storage

6. Mowing fields and cutting blackberries

7. Building an outdoor fire pit, brick barbecue pit

8. Creating a horse shoe pit and archery range

9. Construction on 6 more cabins


The most immediate need is the well and shower. The well will need a backhoe to dig the hole, concrete rounds for the walls, and possibly rocks.  


We have a big vision for H3, and many volunteers have already contributed to making a great start in manifesting it. Laborers familiar with construction or willing to learn how to literally build from the ground up are helping us complete temporary housing for Wounded Warriors in transition. See specific list above.

If you'd like to arrange a work party for your company, or join in on one already scheduled, contact Arleen.


H3 now has dozens of animals from chickens to goats to horses of all sizes to care for. It's a big daily job, and wonderful for after school,  weekend, and summer family participation. There are few things more emotionally satisfying that tending animals.

If you'd like to commit your time to this worthy endeavor, contact Arleen.


Stuff grows, weather happens, the environment changes, and that means there is constant need for property maintenance to ensure good pasture for the horses, walkable pathways for the humans, and general hazard prevention. We have the equipment for those who are trained to use it.

If this sounds like fun to you, contact Arleen to find out about the current needs.

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