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Arleen Gibson is the founder and president of H3-Hope Horses 'N Heroes. As an ardent equine enthusiast and believer in equine facilitated learning (EFL), she is a former member of Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA), and an EAGALA certified horse specialist. 

With a father who served during WWII and retired from the Navy as a Chief Petty Officer (CPO), Arleen is more than familiar with the stresses of military life. In addition, her uncle had two tours in Vietnam, and retired from the Marine Corps,  and Arleen has nieces and nephews currently serving in the military.

Image of Arleen and horse at H3-HopeHorsesNHeroes for veterans with PTSD

About the H3 Board

We are fortunate to have on the board of directors for H3-Hope Horses 'NHeroes

three members of our community who have a broad range of personal and professional experience with our military services and a dedication to making lives better for all. They each have extensive resumes, the core of which is presented here.

Joyce Coombs

Military Family

Edward Dauksz

USMC, Retired

Carolyn Eslick

(R) WA State Rep, 39th Dist.

Joyce knows the rigors of military life first hand. Her dad retired from the Navy as a CPO after 22 years of service. Her uncle is a retired USMC Colonel who serve 2 tours in Vietnam. She has other family members currently serving in the US Army.

Edward has more than 40 distinguished years in military and defense industry leadership, in addition to 2 tours in Vietnam. He has a wide variety of experience and awards, including for service to our veterans.

Mayor of Sultan WA for 9 years, Carolyn is solution-oriented and committed to community safety for all. Growing up on a farm, she learned the value of hard work and commitment to purpose. We are honored to have Carolyn on the H3 board.

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