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Eric Prescott Awarded Quilt of Valor

Eric a former US Marine was struggling with a painful divorce, bankruptcy, and homelessness. He stayed here on the H3 property in an RV back before the cabins were ready. He has assistance from the VA and has moved into his own apartment now and his life is beginning to stabilize. Coming to H3 out in Monroe helps him process all those old pains.

This picture was taken in May 2018. Eric comes here to be around the horses and make a better connection to the world around him. He is working on relationship skills, getting his confidence back and his own self esteem.

Since 80% of our communication is done silently, Eric is learning how to better understand the world around him, and learning how to observe that. He and Aiden are working on joining up (bonding). He is working to ride the horse in the round pen and he is planning on moving to Oregon sometime in the next few months.

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