Vet Describes How Feeling Silly Became Powerful and Therapeutic

The following is a testimonial written by Ken Forstie after a visit to H3.

I just want to pass on the experience I had with H3 and Arlene. I am a Vietnam veteran and called Arlene when we were in Monroe visiting some of our children. I am from Phoenix, AZ.

Anyway I called Arlene to see if I could check out what she had to offer for PTSD therapy. When my wife and I arrived there she took the time to show us around and explain what she and her horses do. She then informed me that she was ready to have a therapy session with her and her horses.

I wasn't expecting that but was willing to give it a try. We visited for a few minutes and then she told me to make a safe space, choose a horse and go into that safe space, but before entering to tell the horse that chose me, and one did, something I had never told anyone before.

I have to say I felt silly talking to a horse, but it ended up being a very powerful and therapeutic moment in my healing journey.

Arlene and I talked about the session for about 20 minutes after, and that turned out to be very emotional. She is a caring and wonderful woman and hopefully I will get the time to visit with her again.

Thank you Arlene.

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